Episode 6 - Justin “The Big Pygmy” Wren

July 18, 2017

What's up!

This is a very special podcast to me. In this episode of the podcast, I was joined via skype by Justin Wren.

He was on season 10 of The Ultimate Fighter, he currently fights for Bellator and he is the founder of an amazing organization called Fight For the Forgotten.

Right now they’re working to raise $50,000 dollars for their new campaign, Dig Deeper and every donation will be matched dollar for dollar up to $25,000. With your support they will be able to empower their field partner in northern Uganda, the Young Men Drillers, to dig deeper than ever before as they work to bring safe and living water to nearly 5,000 people!

To find out more about their cause and to donate, check them out at https://www.water4.org/4/DigDeeper

You can also follow him on Instagram and Twitter @thebigpygmy

I also encourage you to check out any of his appearances on the Joe Rogan Experience to really understand the full magnitude of what this man has been through and what they are currently doing for the Mbuti Pygmies of the congo.



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